Hillside Public Library has completed the Community Needs Assessment Survey.

The community needs assessment report provides information on circulation statistics, use of library services and programs, and district demographics, as well as feedback from patrons, staff members, community leaders, and the Board of Trustees. Feedback and comments collected through the surveys and focus groups also yielded opportunities for improvement. Overall, respondents were pleased with the quality and availability of materials the library has to offer, as well as the customer service and friendly atmosphere provided by the library and its staff. The community surveys and focus groups yielded positive feedback for the library regarding the library’s collection offered to the Hillside community. In addition to collecting valuable responses, the surveys and focus groups increased community engagement and educated both residents who use and those who do not use the library on what it has to offer.

A copy of the Community Needs Assessment Survey are available for download in PDF format.

Hillside Community Needs Assessment