Library Director – Ext. 115  Amy Franco
Adult & Youth Department Director – Ext. 117  Maura Terrado
Business Manager  –  Ext. 113  Dorothy Muellner
Adult Programming Librarian  –  Ext. 119  Robin Fuener
Youth Librarian  –  Ext. 111  Amy Gullo
Young Adult Librarian – Ext. 116 Nicola Covello
Circulation & Facilities Manager  –  Ext. 121  Sandra Martinez
Acquisitions Manager –  Ext. 114  Carmen Parker
Electronic Resources Librarian –  Ext. 122  Veronica Spycher

The Library has 15 employees.  Four employees are full time, four employees are regular part time, and ten employees are part time.
The Director of the Library is the only employee with a salary over $75,000.  For the actual amount, information is available at the library.