Reading Grateful Reading Challenge

The Reading Grateful Reading Challenge is now over. One of the Read Grateful activities was to let us know what participants were thankful for. We received a number of responses and we wanted to share them. Thank you to everyone who submitted their responses.

People would not fault me for saying that I haven’t much to be thankful for this year. But let me tell you that when I think back on this year of sadness I will always remember how people have helped me so much not only with kindness but also with thoughtfulness.

So therefore my thankfulness goes to: My wonderful Family and friends who are my staunchest rocks. Caring neighbors who watch out for me and helped with outside chores. Library Staff who helped with computer, copy machine, phone problems and notarizing. Bank people who painstakingly helped with tons of paperwork work. Insurance people who made simpler this sad experience.

How can I repay all this kindness? I will try my hardest to help those who are in need of just a little smile or a great big hug. It is so wonderful to know that There is love in this world.

I am grateful to have experience various forms of art, sports and many activities that are fun and cool!

The opportunity to spend time in warm, sunny Florida. I tend to spend more time outdoors and be more active in good weather.

I am thankful for a home. Many people take for granted having something so basic as shelter

I am grateful to Allison for explaining everything about Kingdom Hearts to me. Kingdom Hearts is a series that I will never play because it’ s too crazy and now I am able to just watch the cut scenes.

I am thankful for my husband who is kind, thoughtful, and hard working.

I am grateful for online chat services that have allowed me to maintain contact with friends and family through distance and disease.

I am grateful for the humor and consistent encouragement from my favorite kid to live, play, and read with abandonment. She is a joy to me.

I am grateful for my co-workers. They are helpful and they make work fun.

What I am most grateful for is my family. I have beautiful children that truly love me and are very considerate and appreciative.

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