Movie Reviews from our Teen Volunteers

Want to watch a movie, but just don’t know which one?  Check out these movie reviews that were written by our Teen Library Volunteers.  These movies are available for check out at the library.  

Suicide Squad 

I would rate this movie a 9/10. It is this squad of the most dangerous people in the city and they are being used to help to do some good in the city, but of course, they aren’t getting freedom.  They are just a squad for a job to help save the city because Superman isn’t there to help. I like the action parts in the movie and the characters as well. There are some funny parts and the Joker is in the movie trying to get Harley Quinn back as well. Overall I like this movie.


Black Panther

This is a great movie. I would rate it 10/10. It is a very great movie, it’s part of the Marvel series, and it shows the story on how the Black Panther becomes the king and becomes part of the Avengers. It’s a great movie for you if you like a lot of action and fighting. It, also, shows a lot of the culture and things they do traditionally as a whole.


The Wolverine

Logan has become a hermit, living in the woods alone, in the mountains of Canada and haunted by nightmares with Jean Grey. One day, the Japanese girl Yukio that is skilled with a samurai sword visits Logan and tells that her grandfather, the powerful businessman Yashida, is dying and wants to see him for the last time before dying. Yashida was a Japanese soldier that Logan saved the life in Nagasaki in the World War II. Logan travels to Japan with Yukio and the moribund Yashida offers mortality to Logan, transferring his gift to him, but Logan does not accept the offer. While sleeping, Logan has a weird dream with Yashida’s doctor (also known as Viper) and soon Yashida dies. Logan stays for the funeral and the Yakuza tries to abduct Yashida’s  granddaughter Mariko during the ceremony. Logan saves and flees with Mariko, but he is shot and does not heal the wounds. Logan protects Mariko and tries to find out what has happened to him. Later he realizes he has a robotic parasite that suppresses his healing factor so basically, he becomes mortal and killable.

“The Wolverine” is a great action movie, with Logan facing the loss of his immortality and healing power. The story has many holes, but the worst are the complicated plans of Yashida trying to steal Logan’s powers since Logan could have been killed while protecting Mariko. I just found it pointless to even attempt taking a superhero’s powers since the hero Yashida is trying to absorb the powers is immortal while his healing factor is up and running. I feel like Yashida could have just drugged him and taken his powers while he was unconscious, that would have made the movie a lot more interesting. Anyways I’ll give the movie an 8.5/10 rating.  🙂 


Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I would rate this movie a 10/10.  Personally, this movie is my favorite movie. The main character Scott Pilgrim met the girl from his dreams and in order to be with her he has to fight her 7 exes. There is also music since the main character is in a band so there are a lot of musical parts and it’s pretty good. Also, when the characters fight the style is kind of like a video game style. Overall, I love the movie from the music and the video game style brings it out. Great movie!

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