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New Materials for May 2015

The new materials for May, 2015, have just been posted. Don’t forget to check out the catalog today for more details. Also, we apologize for the construction and its disruption to both new materials being released and other library services. We are working to keep its disruptions to a minimum.

New Library Remodel

Renovation has now started on the library. We are painting the walls as well as painting, fixing, and replacing the ceiling. After this work is completed we will have new carpeting installed. As you see the areas are a mess and our staff is working hard to put all the items back in order. As the contractors move through the building there will be areas that will be unavailable. They are working in public areas in the morning while we are closed and then continuing to finish as quickly as possible without major inconveniences to our patrons.

We appreciate your patience and the improvements will make the library a more attractive and pleasant place to visit. We hope you enjoy the end results. If you are interested, check out the photos below to see the current progress.

Children’s Area

childrens area north

childrens east

Magazine Area

masgazines west


New Library Catalog!

Excellent news Patrons! The Hillside Public Library has a new and improved catalog. To access the new catalog and all its new features, go to New features include checking out ebooks within the catalog, the ability to change the location of where you pick up holds, and a more advanced search system that will even let you see the entirety of the Library’s collection all at once.

Patrons can now easily recommend titles for the Hillside Public Library’s Digital Collection

Attention Patrons! The Hillside Public Library is making it easy for patrons to provide title recommendations for their digital collection. Library card holders can check out and enjoy eBooks, audiobooks, and video in the library’s collection anytime, anywhere by visiting

In addition to titles that are available for users to borrow or join a wait list, the Hillside Public Library is providing visitors to their digital collection additional titles to discover, sample and recommend to library. Now readers have the option to discover and sample excerpts from hundreds of thousands of “Additional Titles” beyond their library’s collection. Via “Recommend to Library” links, users can also suggest titles they’d like to see added to the catalog, giving the library a new method of patron-driven acquisition. For more information on this process, check out this article.

Visit today to browse the collection and borrow or recommend titles with a valid library card. Borrowed titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period. There are no late fees! The Media on Demand digital collection, powered by OverDrive, is free for patrons with their library card. To get started enjoying eBooks, audiobooks, and video, visit